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In this short video we hear from the Ideas to Impact Prize Lead, Jonathan Slater, on the different ‘types’ of prizes within the programme and highlights the need to understand the local context and asking the right questions.

Ideas to Impact implemented prizes that reach out to a global pool of solvers, such as the Dreampipe Challenge, which is seeking innovative solutions to non-revenue water issues. Whilst the Sanitation Challenge for Ghana is specifically aimed at local Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies in Ghana.

When designing any prize, it is important to understand the context that you are working in, to ask the right questions, and to design a prize around that question. You don’t know what the solution is yet to the problem, and you may not know who the right person to solve it for you - but it’s important to know what the problem is.

Along with advising on Ideas to Impact, Jonathan Slater advises and supports a number of large-scale innovation programmes and works to identify best working practices in the open innovation field. Having researched, designed and delivered of over 400 innovation programmes, using different types and design structures. Managing Director of The Blue Globe Consultants Ltd.

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